Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Session 9: Sneakers

The PCs are hired by a corporate executive to "test" his own company's security but they soon begin to suspect that their employer has an ulterior motive. And why does he talk like a robot?

Session 8: Enter the Assassian

The PCs are hired to clean up after their last job, but things go horribly wrong when then find another shadowrunning team already on site.

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Session 7: Now That's Funny

The PCs are hired to pull off a prank, but the joke is on them when their new fixer mysteriously disappears.

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Session 6: Meet the New Boss

The PCs execute a perfect museum heist, but as they are driving away, a new NPC arrives on the scene. Who is this mysterious shadow, and what does he want?

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Session 5: The Lost Chapter

Unfortunately due to a recorder screw up, we don't have the audio for this episode. Much of what happened is summarized at the start of the next episode, but in brief, the PCs got hired to steal a unique piece of "Living" art from a museum. The art in question consisted of a giant fish tank with specially bioengeneerd fish that would recreate "Starry Night." The PCs spent several hours creating (and discarding) multiple plans, before finally deciding to follow one of the security guards at the museum home and interrogate him. As the session ends, the PCs have killed the guard and his girlfriend is lying in the closet, bound, gagged, and terrified.

Session 4: The Prize

The PCs wrap up their first adventure, and get paid.

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Session 3: The Mysterious CD

The PCs search for their prize at a Rock Concert, but find only breadcrumbs. The trail leads them to a shady bar in the bad part of town.

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